Adding Scent to Faux Flowers

Among the first thing people do when they receive a bouquet of flowers is hold it up to their nose to enjoy the scent. Even though fake flowers look more realistic than ever before, scent is one aspect that is lacking. Adding a luscious aroma to faux flowers is easy. Try our five fragrant ideas:

  1. Use fragrant oils on a tiny cotton ball and tuck that into your bouquet
  2. Match the fragrant oil to the flower type
  3. Use single floral scents such as rose for roses, or lavender for lavender bouquets
  4. Avoid mixed floral scents that mimic aromatherapies design for living spaces
  5. For floral gifts, include a few refresher balls with your gift. Or also gift the fragrant oil

Single Stem Flowers and Plants

It’s a little tricky to add a fragrant cotton ball or blotting paper to single stem flowers and plants. Since most faux plants are made with various types of polyester, you can safely put a drop of fragrant oil on the underside of a leaf, or even underneath the base of the flower. Practice restraint. A barely-there scent is more realistic than flowers you can smell from across the room.

Add scent to faux flower arrangements

This is easiest of all. Put a few drops of fragrant oil on a cotton ball or small square of blotting paper and tuck into the base of your arrangement. Even absorbent kinds of paper such as watercolor paper will work. Be sure to make the scent subtle and not overwhelming.

Add fragrance to faux flower bridal bouquets and arrangements

Key here is to go easy and not overwhelm the bride and guests. Use a very light touch and be sure to match your fragrant oil with the types of flowers in the arrangements.

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