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Artificial Fruits + Vegetables

Get A Groovy 50s feel with Artificial Fruits and Vegetables

Go mid-century with our artificial fruits and vegetables, faux olive branches, coffee-table grapes, and herbs. It’s so much fun to celebrate foodie decor that entices the appetite and complements your kitchen spaces without the upkeep.

Faux Fruits: A Taste of Perpetual Freshness

  • Floral Home and Holiday’s artificial fruits bring vibrant colors and realistic textures that mimic the real deal right down to the seeds, stems, and leaves.
  • Also, say goodbye to seasonal limits—enjoy your favorite fruits all year long.
  • Moreover, don’t worry about fruit bowls turning into compost—our artificial fruits remain perpetually fresh.
  • With this in mind, create eye-catching centerpieces with an assortment of artificial fruits in a stylish basket, bowl, or tray.

Faux Olive Branches: Forever Mediterranean

  • Bring the Mediterranean into your home without pruning or watering.
  • It’s easy to fill your space with faux olive branches in oversized vases or as tall table centerpieces for instant sophistication.
  • For parties and events, lay faux olive stems and leaves along the center of your farm-style table for a food-inspired centerpiece.

Faux Vegetables: Harvest Happiness

  • Enjoy a bowl or basket of farm-fresh vegetables without worrying about expiration dates.
  • You can also arrange colorful faux vegetables in hanging nets for a delightful kitchen display that’s always in season.
  • Another idea is to line your windowsill with an assortment of faux tomatoes to infuse your kitchen with vibrant, perpetual harvest vibes.

Artificial Herbs: Aromatic Allure

  • Capture the essence of fresh herbs bouquets without the maintenance hassle.
  • It’s easy to elevate your kitchen décor by arranging faux basil and sage in pots or hanging planters.
  • Don’t forget faux rosemary and oregano in wall-mounted pockets for an appetite-enhancing kitchen accent.
  • Finally, bundle faux herbs together in charming pots or baskets for a rustic touch.
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We curate our artificial plants and flowers only from premium importers in the U.S. What we look for is horticultural realism, although novelty colors and shapes are sometimes fun, too. Then, we offer our florals and supplies at honest prices. We are committed to bringing you the best-in-the-trade stems and decor at the lowest possible price. 

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