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Artificial Orchids + Plants

Artificial Orchids and Plants Have Come a Long Way

Tired of watering, pruning, moving, and whispering sweet nothings to your live orchid plants, and still they won’t bloom again for you? Our artificial orchid plants are here to change up your floral game. Say goodbye to wilting dreams and hello to everlasting blooms!

Pop a faux orchid flower stem or two into live plants, or start from scratch and create an arrangement with faux leaves and flowers.

Cymbidium Symphony:

Bring the charm of the East into your home with our stunning Cymbidium orchids with butterfly-type flowers along the tall stems. Our lifelike stems boast vibrant colors and intricate details, ensuring your designs pass for real, but without the fuss.

Oncidium Delight:

Join the dance of perpetual yellow with our Oncidium orchids. These faux treasures capture the essence of year-round blooms swaying gracefully without a care in the world. No watering is required—just let the eye-catching aura of Oncidium flowers fill your space!

Phalaenopsis Fantasy:

Who doesn’t love Phalaenopsis orchids? Our artificial Moth Orchids add tall arching blooms all year in every kind of weather, with no care from you. Revel in the grandeur without the grind—your orchid problems are solved.

Cattleya Carnival:

Step right up to our Cattleya collection. We offer the spongey stems, sold separately from the tall tropical flowers. These artificial wonders can fool even hard-core orchid lovers. No need to worry about sunlight or soil—just design once and done.

Why Choose Artificial Orchids?

  • Zero Maintenance, Maximum Glamour: Enjoy the beauty of orchids without the hassle of care routines.
  • Year-Round Blossoms: Embrace a perpetual spring with blooms that defy the seasons.
  • Hyperrealistic Detailing: Our faux orchids are curated with a horticultural eye to mimic nature with unparalleled details.
  • Versatile Décor: Perfect for homes, offices, and gifts.
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Premium Florals + Honest Price

We curate our artificial plants and flowers only from premium importers in the U.S. What we look for is horticultural realism, although novelty colors and shapes are sometimes fun, too. Then, we offer our florals and supplies at honest prices. We are committed to bringing you the best-in-the-trade stems and decor at the lowest possible price. 

How do we do that? Let’s start with fulfillment services and shipping. We pack and ship our products. And instead of padding our prices with free shipping, free returns, and fulfillment costs, we believe you should pay an honest price to ship, and only pay for returns if and when you return a product.