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Faux Thistle, Seeds + Pods

Use Faux Thistle Seeds and Pods in your floral designs

Welcome to the wild and whimsical world of texture where faux thistle seeds and pods provide the details of fresh-picked bouquets. Explore our collection of faux thistles, artificial seed stems, and playful poppy seed pods designed to elevate your floral arrangements with texture and interest.

Faux Thistle:

Forget the fuss of real thistles falling apart—faux thistles bring an edgy charm without the prickly surprises.

  • Our thistles work perfectly for Scottish weddings in bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.
  • These thistles stay fabulous forever
  • Unlike the real deal, our thistles won’t leave you with unexpected pokes or fall apart when you least expect it

Artificial Seed Stems:

Faux seeds last longer than their dried counterparts. Our artificial seed stems provide texture and interest in bud vases and arrangements.

  • From eucalyptus to poppies, we’ve got seeded stems for every mood.
  • These stems won’t wilt, become brittle, or fall apart ensuring your arrangement stands tall.

Faux Seed Pods:

Our faux poppy pods bring a burst of fun to your floral creations and work just a good as a stand-alone in bud vases

  • Channel the playful spirit of poppies without worrying about wilting.
  • Combine seed pods with their blooming companions for a bouquet that looks fresh-picked.
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We curate our artificial plants and flowers only from premium importers in the U.S. What we look for is horticultural realism, although novelty colors and shapes are sometimes fun, too. Then, we offer our florals and supplies at honest prices. We are committed to bringing you the best-in-the-trade stems and decor at the lowest possible price. 

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