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Faux Tillandsia Air Plants

Faux Tillandsia Air Plants For Happy Indoor Spaces

Welcome to the Floral Home and Holiday collection of faux tillandsia air plants, where the unique forms of nature meet the convenience of artificial plants.

Discover Artificial Tillandsia and Air Plants

  • These are maintenance-free marvels: Say goodbye to fussy watering needs, misting, and sunlight dependencies.
  • Lifelike Realism: Crafted with horticultural authenticity, faux tillandsia, and air plants replicate the forms and leaf texture of their living counterparts.
  • Endless Variety: From faux xerographica to Spanish moss, explore a vast array of epiphytes (plants that live in the air) without limitations.

Faux Xerographica: Add some eye candy to your space with our realistic faux xerographica. These stunning air plants are large and textural with rosette-shaped forms that add a touch of sophistication to plant displays. Place them near your hanging terrariums or tuck them among your books. Large xerographica also make a modern focal point on coffee tables and shelves.

Spanish Moss Magic: Embrace a bohemian vibe with artificial Spanish moss. Drape it from shelves, or create hanging gardens. Spanish Moss looks fantastic as a draping plant in larger arrangements. Mix and match with other faux plants for a lush, textural design that captures the essence of southern spaces.

Faux Staghorn Ferns: Inject a dose of funky charm with faux Staghorn ferns. Our epiphyte stems mimic the appearance of living Staghorns, making them a quirky addition to your indoor jungle. Mount them on wooden boards or arrange them in a wall display for a striking focal point. Faux Staghorn ferns also work well on patio walls.

Design Ideas for Faux Tillandsias

Floating Garden Wall: Create a vertical garden by arranging various faux tillandsia species on a wall-mounted grid. Let the mosses cascade down for a waterfall effect.

Terrarium Treasures: Construct landscapes with dry terrarium designs using a mix of faux xerographica, moss, and miniature air plants. Add miniature figurines or decorative stones for a touch of whimsy.

Hanging Gardens of Greenery: Suspend faux air plants from hanging planters or geometric metal structures. Play with different lengths to achieve a dynamic and visually interesting arrangement.

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