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Finally, we’ve created a faux riddling rack plants collection, ready to install in your wine rack decor. Includes 9 faux air plants and succulents curated to fit riddling rack holes. Wine rack NOT included.

  • Included in the plant collection:
    1 – air plant stricta
    1 – air plant xerographica
    1 – air plant Spanish moss
    1 – 3 hen and chick plant
    1 – pointed echeveria
    1 – variegated yucca (we are not including this in our collection any longer)
    1 – small hen and chick plant
    1 – burgundy hen and chick plant
    1 – green and red tip echeveria
    1 – air plant with roots
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Finally, we’ve created the ultimate faux riddling rack plant collection, ready to install for your wine rack decor. Includes 9 faux air plants and succulents curated to fit riddling rack holes. Wine rack not included.

FAQs, cleaning, and designing with artificial succulents:

  • Most faux succulents such as our riddling rack plant collection are made with combinations of plastic, polyester, and wire
  • Occasionally dust your arrangements with a feather duster. You can wash your faux succulents and cacti under running water, held upside down. Do not submerge in water.
  • The base stems are often short and sturdy
  • You’ll want to anchor your succulent plants in dry floral foam. Dry floral foam does not hold water and offers a sturdy base to hold your plants
  • You may hot glue your floral foam to your container interior, although if you’re not mailing or moving your arrangement, it’s not necessary
  • Cover your floral foam with dry moss, pebbles, or decorative sand
  • Now the fun starts. Insert as many faux succulents into your container as will fit
  • Be creative. Feel free to cut, trim, and divide your faux succulents into smaller parts. Sturdy wire cutters will work
  • Think about this simple design rule for arrangements: Use one thriller (the focal point succulent), one spiller (something that drapes over the side), and one upright succulent. Spiky succulents are popular.
  • Enjoy!

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