A quick guide to using floral foam

floral foam and sphagnum moss

Since Floral Home and Holiday sells artificial plants and flowers, we created a quick guide to using floral foam. The floral foam you will be using to anchor your plants in their pots and containers will be different than the dark green “wet” foam you may be used to using for fresh flower arrangements.

You’ll want to start your artificial plant projects with dry floral foam, also known as Sahara from the Oasis brand. Dry floral foam is light brown, does not hold water, and offers a firm anchor for artificial plants.

Here’s our quick-start guide to using floral foam

Gather supplies: container, floral foam, sphagnum moss, faux plants or flowers. You’ll want a simple kitchen knife to cut the foam, and wire cutters to trim your plants.

  • Start with one brick of dry foam and use a kitchen knife to cut it to size. Feel free to trim the corners and create a round base if your container calls for it. Cut the foam into any size that works for your project. For large floral projects, use more than one brick to fill your container and provide a base for your faux plants.
  • You can use a hot glue gun or simple glue to anchor the foam to the bottom of the container. This is helpful if you are shipping your floral or succulent arrangements through the mail. For home use, it’s not necessary to glue the foam in place.
  • Disguise the top of the foam with a handful or two of sphagnum moss. Use your kitchen knife again, to tuck the edges inside the pot. Glue if your gift-giving or mailing your arrangements. Again, it’s not necessary to use glue if you’re using your plants in your home.

Now you can start designing. You’ll want to use wire cutters to trim most artificial plants since the base of these plants are wire. Find out more about working with, cleaning and caring for artificial plants and flowers here.

Watch our 2.5 minute video for a quick guide to using floral foam:

Notice how it took only 2.5 minutes to create an easy floral arrangement? A container, foam, moss and an artificial plant or two or more, is all you need.

Looking for a starter kit of dry floral foam and moss without the commitment to buy in bulk? Take a peek at our foam brick and moss combination available in our store.

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